Creating value through smart, focused investing. Newport Capital Partners' niche investment strategy is focused on markets we know, and where we have close relationships with brokers, owners, financial institutions, tenants and leasing agents – ensuring that we identify the best opportunities for our investors.

Newport Capital Partners Fund I, LP applies a focused approach to investing in real estate by targeting specific submarkets with fundamental attributes that generate solid property level performance. We seek out investment opportunities in submarkets that will benefit from the activity created by Fortune 1000 Headquarters, and that possess supply side constraints and a well-educated workforce. We believe that multi-tenant convenience / necessity oriented retail properties in these submarkets will experience rising occupancy levels and increasing rents.

Our target markets are: Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus, Milwaukee and St Louis (click on the image links below to see maps).

Our strategy is accomplished by identifying properties with the following characteristics:

  • Multi-tenant, income producing, convenience / necessity based retail and industrial properties in select Midwest metro areas
  • Locations in close proximity to Fortune 1000 Headquarters
  • Submarkets with supply side barriers to entry for competing product, high population densities and a well-educated work force
  • Properties that have been historically well leased, and are generating current cash flow
  • Assets experiencing capital market inefficiencies, operational challenges or capital distress
  • Middle market investment opportunities ranging from $10 to $30 million - deploying $5 million to $10 million of equity per investment.